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Hi. We're all about sharing ideas to make your eBay business more profitable and we hope more enjoyable.

Tune in each week for an update on what's new and what that means for you as a seller. Plus a discussion of the finer points of being a profitable on-line merchant.

Pay attention - money saving tips come thick and fast in each show!

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Shari Smith

Shari's been selling on eBay for over 14 years and has sold $2.4m of goods (and counting). It’s her passion in life (after canine interests, of course) and it offers her an enjoyable way of creating financial freedom for herself and others. It’s afforded her amazing opportunities like speaking on stage at events like eBay Open and created life long friendships with other eBay sellers. Shari loves to share her experiences in the hope that it can help you create some extra cash in your pocket or develop an extra income stream.


Philip Jackson

A refugee from the corporate rat-race, Philip transitioned to selling full time on eBay in 2009 and has sold over three million dollars worth of inventory since. He says he left big business to make a personal fortune from the Internet (which is obviously still work in progress...). On eBay he specializes in refurbishing and selling professional electronic equipment. He also leads the Orlando Area eBay Sellers Chapter and is a regular speaker on all aspects of running an eBay business for fun and profit.

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Philip & Shari